The answer is a simple – In the first instance you need to “Serve Notice” on your adjoining neighbours.

It is invariable that steel beams will be required to be installed at the loft floor level and at ridge level to support the new roof configuration. These beams will need to rest or bear on Party Walls.

So what do I do next?

You need to inform all affected Adjoining Owners (Serve Notice):

  • If the property is terraced then it would be both your adjoining neighbours.
  • If the property is semi-detached then it would obviously be your immediate neighbour.

The Party Wall Act, contains no enforcement procedures for failure to serve a notice. However, if you start construction work without having first given notice, the Adjoining Owners may seek to stop the construction work through a court injunction.

The notice should be served two months before the planned starting date for the construction work related to the Party Wall.

The Adjoining Owner may agree to allow the construction works to start earlier but is not obliged to. The notice is only valid for a year.

If you require a Party Wall Notice to be served on Adjoining Owners, please do contact us for a fee proposal.

It is always best for you to discuss your planned work fully with the Adjoining Owners before you serve notice in writing. In this way you are able to iron out snags and put your neighbours minds at ease. This good neighbourly approach will go a long way to pacifying your adjoining neighbour/s and hopefully will result in them not dissenting to the proposed works. If they do dissent then you will need to appoint a Party Wall Surveyor to look after your interests and if they agree your neighbours interests.This would be in the form of a Party Wall Agreement. Please do contact us to discuss further.

Keep a look out for future blogs on Party Wall matters.