Are you considering having your existing roof replaced with concrete tiles?

If so please stop and read this blog.

It has become a common occurrence over many years that domestic property owners have had their old and tired existing pitched roof tiles replaced with concrete tiles.

Did you know that the concrete tiles can be up to 25% heavier than your existing slate roof tiles. No probably not!

More importantly did you know that the Building Regulations require you to have your roof structure assessed by a structural engineer if the new roof covering is significantly heavier or lighter than the existing one. No probably not!

The existing roof structure may need modifying and/or strengthening due to the increase in additional weight imposed by concrete tiles.

So please be careful of unscrupulous roofing contractors that come along and offer to change your existing roof tiles to heavier concrete tiles, which out informing your obligations under the Building Regulations.

If you do intend to re-roof your roof with concrete tiles then please do engage a structural engineer to undertake an assessment of your roof structure first.